Sunday, February 05, 2006

World's First ShowerCast?

World's first showercast? Perhaps you were hoping it was Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt, but its not that kind of showercast. No, this isn't podporn (though I hear that that new wave of slavery is marching in quick), but come on in...

In this show:
  • Wade in the water baby!
  • You create the next show! Answer the question "What spiritual habits help you to center, to connect to God, to feel truly alive and present during your day? And how do these habits of mind, of being, of living, etc. actually effect your day?"
  • Answer the question by calling the toll free super-duper easy number on the top of the page; by leaving a message with BleedingPurple using Skype or Gizmo Project; or good old emailing me (and I'll read your answer) --answers will be on the next show. Please keep answers under 5 minutes.
  • The red crowds cry 'heresy' on a few sites. (Um, doesn't the bible say something about humility, not judging people while calling yourself righteous, and about perfect love casting out fear? )
  • New rotating poll to your right --give a quick vote to improve the show and site!
  • Help promote the Bleeding Purple Podcast by educating your friends about Podcasting, by telling/emailing three friends about the BleedingPurple Podcast, by putting a link to BP on your blog or website, and by --I'm going back on my word, sorry --voting on Podcast alley or your other favorite directory. Just a few minutes of your wuv can make a big difference. Thanks sistas and brothas!
  • Ohwha tagoo F'iam. It just gets stranger and stranger, you never know what you'll get on this show.
  • Created using the M-Audio Microtrack


DaNutz said...

THe URL for your shower post is wrong. However I'm a bit relieved because I'm not really sure I want to hear it :)

Leifh said...

Dang it --I forgot the http:// and so it linked it relative to blogspot. Sorry about that. Hope not to many itunes, etc feeds got a bad link.
(Don't worry, I think you'll like it)
Thanks Danutz!


DaNutz said...

Thanks for changing the shower image to be more easy on the eyes! Now I feel better about going to the site. Not that I'm homophobic or anything, but geeze that was not a good picture to have up in on my computer screen at the office this morning.

Leifh said...


That is HILARIOUS! I thought it was pretty funny and my wife got quite a kick out of hearing I set the self-timer on the shower and what I did. "You okay with this honey?" "Its your podcast you goof!"


Anonymous said...

I so enjoyed the showercast, Leif you are truly a nut Dude! Isent oyu an email, Ive been trying to get a hold of you, but im unsure that my Gizmo is working correctly?

Zeke said...

Something tells me there's not going to be a lot of clamoring for the World's Second Showercast...

...thanks again for the McLaren interview. Hope you can have him back for more, especially to expand on the Hell doctrine. Peace!

Leifh said...

Ouch! (;

dorsey said...

I'm a little behind on my podcast-listening, so I just heard the showercast. My stomach aches from laughing so hard. Not to diminish your more cerebral past-casts, but this was truly a work of geni... a work of artis... a work of creative brilli... this was really something.

Sounded like you missed a spot. Do you loofah?

Leifh said...

I think it was my left butt cheek. Thanks Dorsey! (;

JM said...

You're a nut. (But that's not a bad thing.)

I read many of the comments on the site you linked to, a very RED reaction to your interview with Brian. All I can say is, I get so frustrated when people (of any color persuasion) are so 100% convinced they are right, and cannot look beyond that to really, truly hear what others are saying.

Kudos to you for not being like that.

Leifh said...

Thanks JM --I try to stay open to really hear what others are saying...but as you probably know, sometimes I'm just 'sure' I know where they're coming from, and then put them in my box.


Brian S said...

Hi Leif, how the hell did you record that without electrocuting yourself?

It's good for the soul to have a little fooling around once in a while. Well done, you're braver than me!

Brian S