Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Absolutely amazing song "The Fall" by Red Hunter

All I can say is that you must listen to this song.
Let me know if it does to you what it did to me.

(I'm not putting a direct link because it will mess up some podcast feeds)

Something in my belly tells me this song might be prophetic --though really its a haunting mix of the past, present and future all deconstructed, merged, and sewn back up. What do you think?

Thanks to Steve from the EscapePod Podcast (one of my top three).


Kharisma said...

"Haunting" is definitely the word for it. I think the chord it struck in me was the sense that we need to "hit the restart button" and rediscover living in community together.

The image that stuck with me was "the girls doing the old rituals" and the boys in response becoming "desperate and serious." I grinned, but I think I know the feeling even though I'm married...I'm sometimes glad to have found community, and still somewhere in the back of my mind the clock is ticking.

In peace,
Rob Day-Walker

sync_ron_icity said...

"Phone lines are down" won't bring 'us' together. Those were small villages with 'home baked' superstitions that further divided and eventually killed all but the strongest . . leaving 'us' with nothing left but to live under the rule of the 'kings and queens' . . scary actually.