Sunday, February 19, 2006

Bleeding Purple People Public ProtoPage!

Bleeding Purple People Public ProtoPage
(Now that's a tongue twister!)

Tell me if this is not one of the coolest Web 2.0 things you've seen in a while. Basically, you could know take the elements of the page and move them around wherever you want --try maximizing the BP feed, or shrinking a toolbar, etc.

I'm probably behind the game and many of you already know of protopage, but if not --check this out --and play around moving my leetle boxes wherever you wish. (; My only question/concern is if it works so well -might folks like you rather go to my protopage instead of this page? Would that really be a problem?

All I did was copy some of the html and code into seperate sticky notes, RSS Feeds / etc. and --walla! Bookmark it and see how/if it grows. If any of you knows more about protopage, let me know (like, can I make it so others can edit a page?)

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1 comment:

Jake T said...

very cool. it doesn't render right in Opera (none of the boxes show up).

But still, a really cool idea.