Sunday, February 12, 2006

Life Update: Desert stream, A spiritual breakthrough? + Listener-based show reminder

In this short unedited show:
  • A reminder for the upcoming listener-based podcast (see below in showercast notes)
  • I share about what feels like a possible spiritual breakthrough, and some of the factors that may have played a part in this. Thanks to all of you 'factors' out there (;
  • Blog Updates


Anonymous said...

Hey Leif. I've been listening to you for awhile, and I really enjoy your show. I really identify with a lot of the issues that you are and have been struggling with. I think it's great that you feel a breakthrough coming on. For what it's worth though brother, I've got a tiny little bit of advice for ya. Don't go over board in trying to "fix" things. Canceling DSL may seem like what you need to now, but is DSL really the issue? Is the fact that you have an interest and are excited about it really the issue? Being religious about anything will not help. It may temporarily help, but it's not going to be bring about any lasting change. I know this from experience. You are accomplishing a lot of good things with your podcast and blogspot. Keep it up. Not having your DSL may lead you to stop doing this. Don't give up brother! Remember in you church days when people would say the problem with teens is secular music and they'd want us all to commit to only listen to christian music? Kids would brag about the tapes and cds they burned or threw away. All that did was make kids feel guilty. Propaganda. Absurd! Being religious is not what Jesus was about. Religion and doing things that are religious is why so many people are miserable. It's about freedom. Freedom from religion. Freedom to love God with all your heart, mind and soul. Not from a set of religious garbage that says you shouldn't do this or you shouldn't do that. This causes you to stumble..blah blah blah. Freedom brother. Freedom.


Leifh said...

Thanks for encouragement and the advice Adam. Really good advice. It might not be the best idea to have DSL at home, and if so, I'll learn I guess. But I really thought about this one, and here's my logic.
I don't need DSL to create the podcast --as a matter of fact, I end up spending 50% of my time goofing off on uncreative non-podcast stuff (ie 'ego-surfing').

Now, I have hi-speed net access at work and, so all I have to do is come to work an hour or two early, and I can do the downloading, blog editing, promoting and, occasionally, ego surfing there. I also spend two wknds a months at work with lots of geek time there. So it seems like a good trade off.

It's embarassing, but I've struggled with a 'screen addiction' for years and, except for a few short seasons, I don't seem to be able to have control over it --if I'm not doing stuff there, its on my mind and heart, and thats not fair to my family.

Will this fix everything? No way. Will it help some things? I think so, but we'll see. Maybe they'll be an "I told you so" in the future (:

Peace and thanks thanks for the reminder and encourACagement to FREEDOM!!!! as well.