Thursday, February 09, 2006

Excellent cultural warfare video, and fun new Bleeding Purple Site Updates

I haven't heard from anybody that posting regular posts without an mp3 messes up their feed subscription, so I might start joining the regular blogging world. Don't worry, no more embarassing pictures of me --at least for a while.

If you haven't seen it already, you've GOT to check out this video.

This is some creative cultural guerilla warfare. When done, you'll know who to send it to. Thanks Rachelle for the tip. BTW, Does anyone know what would happen if I put the link to this video as my podcast enclosure? Would it mess up all non-video ipod players? Is it worth a try?

I've been up WAY too late working on some really fun and (I hope) helpful new updates to my sidebar -check them out! (It all started just trying to figure out what I thought would be simple -creating categories in blogger):
  • Really cool new 'cocomment' script that shows you where I've been blogging recently, a snippet of the blog, and links to the site
  • Easier to read, more organized purple dividers on the sidebar
  • Categories (via Technorati tag cloud profile)
  • Recent Comments section
  • "Purple Friends" blog roll
  • Technorati Search box, which blogs link to me, and cloud profile
  • wikipedia lookup box -I love WIKIPEDIA!
And if you're new to the site, don't forget to check out/use the other fun stuff:
  • Auto-add this show to iTunes with the "Add to iTunes" button
  • Vote on the polls
  • Call in and/or listen to the toll-free GCast listener feedback line (5 mins!)
  • Sign the Frappr guestmap and see where other listeners are from in Google Maps!
  • Call or leave a message with the Skype or Gizmo buttons
  • Stream/Listen to the show live with the PuPu Player (Button says "Listen Now!")
Speaking of which, besides putting a BleedingPurple link on your site --you can now put a free streaming player on your blog using the following code:
It will then look like this --try it out!

PupuPlayer FREE

Well, I hope that my showercast didn't scare off too many of you --but if it did, well, nya nya nya nya nya!

In peace,

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DaNutz said...

Excellent! Keep this stuff coming.