Saturday, February 25, 2006

Bleeding Purple Podcast Domain Change

You may have seen a blip yesterday in which my title changed to "The Bleeding Purple Show" . Well, I went to part of a podcasting conference in Seattle called The Podcast Hotel. It was good to meet some like-minded folks, and I learned a thing or two. Chris Pirillo (The Chris Pirillo Show) reminded me that "podcasting" is not a genre -it is the medium of content delivery - and that therefore the term 'podcast' will probably have a relatively short shelf-life. Thus, having "Podcast" in one's title was not the best idea. So I impulsively bought the domain name (as well as three others -hey, there was a sale at Yahoo for 3.95 domain names!) and changed the title. Well, I changed my mind by the end of the day (see below for why) and yet now you can at least skip out on typing "blogspot" in the URL -so change your bookmark to -it should stay that for a good while.

Thankfully wives exist to tell us that certain ideas are dumb. Reasons why to keep it as is:
  1. "The bleeding purple show" doesn't sound as good as "The bleeding purple podcast" (actually, the BP show sounds kinda twisted for some reason)
  2. There is still a lot of hype and excitement around the word 'podcast' -I should stick with that.
  3. People are used to the name now...I can always change it later.
  4. That wouldn't be very kind to these nice sorority ladies below (click play to stream, "how low can you promo?")

Well, hope you guys have a great weekend and that you enjoyed the last show. Sorry about the audio quality of Rosemary's response -that was the best I could clean it up.


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Nathan said...

Right choice! Good getting domain name(s) too - they are good to own and promote because if people know your domain name they'll be able to find the cast through whatever twists and changes of techno fad or name changes or blog hosts or whatever. Good on ya!