Friday, February 17, 2006

Last Chance to give your Feedback and be on the next podcast

As of now I've received about two voice messages and three emails answering the question:
"What spiritual habits help you to center, to connect to God, to feel truly alive and present during your day? And how do these habits of mind, of being, of living, etc. actually effect your day?" I'll be posting the show sometime between mon-wed, so if you want to have your thoughts on this subject heard, please email, send an audio attachment, call BleedingPurple with Gizmo or Skype, or use the toll-free number at the top of the page. I know that I and many others would love to hear what your experiences have been in this area, so please don't hide. (;

In addition, while I've already found your feedback on the daily polls (right sidebar) quite helpful, I'd love it if more of you shared your thoughts on how I can better improve this show. (Hint: Each time you come back or reload the page, the poll changes.) I plan to make some changes to Bleeding Purple soon based on your feedback, one of them being to have a more consistent/structured show. Actually, I'm excited about that change and will be thinking this weekend about what regular sections I plan on doing (i.e. intro, main show, weekly purple question, listener feedback, and announcements --something like that...hmm, that sounds pretty good already actually.)

Hope you all have an excellent weekend, and that you take at least one baby step in the direction of learning to live and love more deeply.

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sync_ron_icity said...

Hi Leif

I put this
together for myself quite some time ago . . it helps me focus. Otherwise, I usually have my Windows media player playing my carefully selected favorites in the background . .