Saturday, December 30, 2006

Warning! This feed will self destruct in two weeks, please switch to the new wonderosity feed

Hi Bleeding Purple People,
I notice that around 75 of you have still not switched over to the new wonderosity feed.
While I will be keeping this site up, I will be deleting the feeds associated with it (ie, and the one).
So please just click RIGHT HERE and itunes will add the new wonderosity feed, or just copy and paste this feed - -into your favorite podcatcher/player.

And don't forget to get your butt over to the new wonderosity show site and the new wonderosity social site! Of course, if all of this is too complicated for you, you can keep it simple and go on over to the site and all my feeds and other projects are there as well!

Thanks and I hope you've had an awesome new year!
In truth,