Saturday, June 03, 2006

Exploring the heart of worship: Music and interview with Jon and steve

This was a somewhat spontaneous interview with two worship leaders from a recent youth retreat from my place of work (YMCA Camp Seymour). I think you'll enjoy their music as well as our dialogue about what authentic, 'purple' worship (vs. cheesy, uni-emotional, or canned worship) might look like. Remember to leave comments now at the new Bleeding Purple Forum.


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psycheology said...

Awesome job, Leif. I left you a review at and was going to vote for you at, except that there were two listings at podcastalley. Which one do I use? You can skype the PA dude and he'll fix that for you if you want. Just don't email him... You'll never hear back.

Again, great job!

Leifh said...

Thanks so much psycheology, that was sweet of you. Glad you liked the show. If I wasn't so ridiculously busy I would love to return the favor. Unfortunately, I have listened to prob two podcasts in the last two weeks ):
Whats the "PA dude's" skyp name --can't find it under that or podcast alley.