Friday, May 12, 2006

Pagan & Christian Intercast Dialogue with ATC Pagan Info Network Part I

This is Part I of an 'intercast' (dialogue/interview of two podcasters) between Jeff Harris (a 3rd order pagan priest) from the Aquarian Tabernacle Church Information Network Podcast and myself (a confused and still somewhat bleeding purple follower of Jesus' way.)

I apologize for the abrupt ending, but I decided last minute to cut the show in half so it wasn't such a huge file...the next part will be up later tonight or in the next 1-2 days.

A sketch of some of the order of topics:
  • Intro and why we're doing it
  • Beware: Witch-burning Christians & Human-Sacrificing Pagans ahead
  • Pagan's meaning in modern context (nature based religion)
  • Wicca as primary pagan, described and demystified
  • Diversity within paganism and wiccanism
  • Wiccan history
  • Clarifying wiccanism from amongst neowiccan, etc
  • 'Christian' clarified by me
  • Pagan 'first impressions' by me
  • Jeff's recent pagan gathering
  • Christian/Pagan Bashing
  • Sharing your faith in public, specifically in the NW
  • Jeff's Christian friends
  • Why evangelicals consider pagans dangerous, a threat (the hell/salvation issue)
  • Leif goes off about the toxicity of hell and the reality of God's unconditional love
  • The ontology of God/The Divine/Energies
Hope you enjoy it, and let me know what you think!

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