Saturday, April 01, 2006

I'm finished with this whole thing

With my new promo that is (April Fools!). Couldn't resist.
I hope you enjoy this one minute promo, I think it gets at the heart of the show. And I'd really love if you would add the link to your blog or website, or play it on your podcast.

Hey, feeling really supportive today --its only 1 meg, send it as an email!

Don't forget your monthly vote at podcast alley (or in itunes, google, yahoo or whatever else you use!), if you do it NOW, new listeners will be more likely to find the show. Thanks!

Check out the new purple poll question in the sidebar (or take the whole poll.)

Thanks so much to Henry for referring me to Eric Folkerth's song "PurpleLand" (You can hear the whole song or buy his album at the above link)

"The Red and Blue map lies subtly,
When it's drawn in primary color.
Cause the truth's always shaded differently,
And it's never just one or the other.

And we all live in a Purple Land,
Every woman, child and man,
So don't get too proud. Don't misunderstand,
'Cause this great nation is just one big Purple Land."

(from Eric's lyrics)

Thanks to each of you for your friendship and support!

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Brian Sage said...

Good stuff Leif,

I've been waiting for some more of your podcast stuff. Your Brian McLaren book review maybe, or have I been missing something?