Tuesday, December 06, 2005

PFAQ (Potentially Frequently Asked Questions)

(Potentially Frequently Asked Questions)
for the Bleeding Purple Podcast.

1. Do you really get asked these questions frequently?

No. I am primarily doing this to answer the questions for myself --why AM I doing this? But yes, I do get asked occasionally.

2. What is this podcast about?

I've described it elsewhere as "The musings, interviews, and audio experimentations of a guy attempting to stretch between the best of blue and red. Subject matter mostly revolves around honestly exploring spirituality, creativity, and various other wild topics. This is not a political podcast –though it does occasionally try and get at issues behind the politics."

It's about:

  • Experiencing the ‘healing-pain’ of trying to reach out to find the truth, beauty and goodness from both the blue and the red.
  • Getting beyond blue and red, left and right, conservative and liberal, orthodox and unorthodox, us and them (aren't all terms , in the end, self-righteous oversimplifications anyway?)
  • Being Honest about how little I really know, and yet also honest about what I really hope to be true.
3. Can you give me some purple examples?

Check out people like:

Politically (& spiritually) speaking, check out articles like:

4. Why are you doing a podcast? Isn't podcasting kind of ego-centric?

Well, um, it can be. Sometimes, either from the black-hole of ego or everyday loneliness, I am motivated to do this stuff for attention, but I don't think its the only motivator.

My other main motivators for doing a podcast/blog are:

*I like meeting and talking with interesting people about interesting topics --and being a podcaster gives me an extra easy excuse to do it, "Um, hi, I have a podcast called Bleeding Pur...what...a podcast? Oh, its like an internet radio show...yeah, well, anyway...would you be open to do an interview with me? Really, cool!" I think most people are pretty psyched that somebody would want to interview them. I get to then share the fruits of this with others. Fun!
In addition, interviewing folks for my podcast increases my interviewing skills and, honestly, I like it so much I might just want to do it professionally some day.

*I also think that I have a number of things to say, what I call "musings", that might be of interest and import to others. They're usually about spirituality, the future, our culture, etc. So, I occasionally muse out loud about those as well, hoping to spark some hopeful conversations.

*Lastly, the "audio experimentations": I love music, I love to sing, I'm trying again to learn guitar, and I love geeking around with tech stuff --so this is my catch all phrase. It gives me a chance to show off some singing, experiment with mixing, etc. Who knows what else will come from this.

5. Can I be on your show?

Most likely...I'd love to have you on. But lets meet first and find out what you'd like to talk about. You can email me at bleedingpurple@gmail.com, leave a voice mail at 206-600-4556, Skype or Gizmo me at Bleedingpurple, or just leave a comment on one of my posts. I look forward to meeting you, and perhaps to having you on my show.

6. How can I keep updated about your shows, and help promote them as well?

Well, if you have a podcast receiver (itunes, ipodder, juice, etc) you can subscribe to the feeds.feedburner.com/bleedingpurple feed --there are links on my main page as well. The best way to help promote the podcast is to tell people you know --face2face, email, on discussion boards, etc. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

7. Can I donate thousands of dollars to Bleeding Purple --I think what you are doing is wonderful and has the potential to quickly usher in world peace.

I get asked this a lot, and really, I'm flattered. While my family does need some increased flow, and I would love to get paid for this, I don't currently have an easy way for you to make donations. If you are interested though, pleae email me and I might then start to make this an option.

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