Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Bob Ekblad and The People's Seminary

For those of you who have not heard of Bob Ekblad, his ecumenical ministry Tierra Nueva, his book "Reading the Bible with the Damned" (free chapter), or his revolutionary People's seminary --I highly suggest you check out one of those links.

He was a teacher of mine at Regent College, and is one of the most purple people I know. Unlike me, he is actually living it out -I'm still a chicken shit. I've sent him an email seeing if we can do an interview sometime soon...so pray it can happen.

Here is a link to a real-audio formatted interview played on KUOW

Here is a purple taste from his People's Seminary website:

"At Tierra Nueva, two once-divided worlds are coming together -the Holy Spirit's empowering for ministry and advocacy to the most marginalized. God is doing something very creative and new in our ministry, bringing the evangelical, social prophetic, academic, contemplative and the charismatic together in a dynamic mix.
I believe that God has positioned Tierra Nueva as a bridge between the lower margins and upper margins, the social prophetic, liberal mainline church people and the new wave charismatic missionaries and evangelists. I am convinced that the whole body of Christ is needed in order for us to see the Kingdom of God advance in the dark places of our world. We are entering a time a fruitfulness that will lead to successes we could never have imagined.
--Bob Ekblad, Executive Director "