Friday, March 17, 2006

Why the silence?

Hello friends of Bleeding Purple,

I just wanted to apologize for the virtual silence of the past two weeks. The primary two reasons are that there are some personal issues (some very good, some very hard) that have been taking up all extra free time and that my #$%&!## windows-based laptop has been sucking BSD (blue screen of death) and it looks like I'm going to have to send it in. Thus, I am presently writing from work early on Friday morning. Honestly, in addition, I have been going through some struggles about podcasting --feeling pulled between motives (fun, fame, finance?) and philosophies (quality vs. quanity), etc. I've posted elsewhere ( in the Forums of Podcast Pickle) about these struggles if you're really interested.

Three podcasts are about 50% finished and coming soon...stay tuned and thanks for understanding and for your support and emails.

In peace,


White Rabbit said...

i wouldn't worry about the "fame" issue. You'll get over it. Just consider it your fifteen minutes and move on. The "time" issue on the other hand is more important, and there is plenty you can do to regulate that. The conversation is good, and sparks more ideas, which inspire others to begin talking, which brings change to the Church. Don't let your own personal struggle get in the way of the greater purpose. And you don't have to respond to every post. Start practicing ignoring a few with this one. i've enjoyed the podcasts, even though i don't totally agree with everything. i'm not supposed to though, am i? No need to respond to that.

Kharisma said...


You're loved and OK. You know I love listening as well, and I also thank you for all the consideration you give a strange-but-likeale lay theologian--me!--when he sends loaded emails.

I hope you know that you can do whatever seems good to the Holy Spirit and to you, and that will be ok with US out here in the Podsphere. :)

Shalom in Jesus,

sync_ron_icity said...

Hi, you are not alone in your trials, listen to this

Brian Sage said...

Hi Leif,

I've just emailed you some stuff to ponder over from way down under here in New Zealand. Please look at it.

I'm sure things will work out for you but probably in a totally different way to what you expect. Your heart is in the right place so don't worry!

Kindest regards
Brian Sage