Sunday, November 13, 2005

Bare-ass honest dialogue about Jesus via Yellow Tail

My friend Neil Sittler and I have a totally honest, no bullshit dialogue about where we are at with Jesus at this point in our spiritual journey.


Leifh said...

Well, I see that lots of you are downloading this, so don't be shy... what did you think?

randy hamm said...

leif - this is the first i've seen your purple stuff - great idea - we mostly have only enjoyed the humpty dumpty, but am presently listening to the yellowtail.
when can i get you sharing some of this at resonate at 10th?

Leifh said...

What is resonate at 10th? Is that 10th Ave Alliance church?
Would love to share --I'm in a lets-get-bare-ass honest mode and think that too much time is wasted on not being honest, but instead being afraid ot telling people only what we're supposed to say, or what sounds cool, or 'orthodox', etc.

THanks for visiting Randy!


Anonymous said...

ol' johnny boy got a mac and enjoyed hearing the two of you pour whine. it's an interresting conversation and, to your credit leif, very few are willing to go where you and shatner go - i'm not sure this is all ground yet to be discussed, but certainly in the areas of the world and the era we were raised, discussing such matters as matter of factly as the 2 of you had has not been the norm. but, being a part of the revival before it becomes cool is always a bitch. 'feels like your convincing others that it's okay to talk about such matters - give it another 200 yrs. at least 30% of everyone will be so honest. it's just not trendy. joh

Leifh said...

I'm about 95% sure that was you groovyhair, and if so --yeah, welcome to geekdom. Glad you liked the dialogue, I thought it was fun and interesting as well.

Hope to hear more from you soon and perhaps another groovycast.


Joseph Moreau said...

I stumbled across you because of Podcast 411...well what do ya know, advertising works (grin).

re the Bare Ass Jesus Discussion. Great stuff.

I am glad to see that more and more people are becoming honest and willing to spill their guts or hang their ass out there regarding matters of faith. Kudos to you! Keep it up.

I will fly my flag for Jeebiss. (ahhh, Jeebiss, love him!!!) OK, so Jeebiss (he he) aka Jesus, sinless all the way. Human all the way, minus the nasty shit I have going down in my life. I think part of problem is, we imagine that our sinfulness (aka shitfulness) has somethiung to do with the definition of human. I dont think that is helpful when looking at God. Or Jesus.

Just becuase 'I' act like an idiot. Or even feel shadenfreude (German word) at someone that I dislike, when they lose their job, does not mean Jesus or God operates in that same sphere or mentality. IMO.

I hang on to a view and sense of Jesus that yup, he gets pissed off at people and says some freaked out things, but, He is God and I am not. I often am full of shit. And He is not. So when he says something freaked out... I probably need to open my guts up to what he is trying to get across.

OK, nuff taking up space here, with my ass hanging out. ;)

Cheers man! -Joseph Ottawa, Canada

PS re resonate... a bunch of Canucks are on a web forum called Resonate in Canada where we bandy about ideas and thoughts about 'church' in this age.